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Detective agency «Detective Veritas» is a team of professionals with years of experience in law enforcement and private security field. We closely cooperate with leading law associations and security companies.


Current realities, bad law enforcement condition and information technology that affects human lives prove that a person can be exposed to a danger in different spheres of life: business, social, personal or family relationships.

Our professionals are ready to promptly assist you anywhere within Ukraine and abroad. The feature of our company is a non-standard and creative approach to the solution of any problem. The staff of the agency «Detective Veritas» are members of the International Association of Investigators and Anti-Crisis Experts (IAIACE), which guarantees our honesty and ability to ensure your safety at any level.

Private investigators of «Detective Veritas» offer quick and professional solution to any private issues, staying unnoticed. Detectives often work in the spheres, the police refuse to deal with, and the client`s self-initiative may only aggravate the situation.


Private detective agency « Detective Veritas » provides services to legal entities and individuals who value their image, reputation and financial solvency. We have been working since 2000 and managed to make our name and earn the trust of our customers due to numerous successful private investigations. Our detectives have many years of experience in law enforcement agencies and private security services. They are able to conduct surveillance and find information needed, perform analytical work, necessary for filing dossiers and compromising materials to solve personal issues. They have extensive experience in dealing with individual and business security.

Nowadays, detective agency is not an exotic, but a usual phenomenon, which allows to solve personal and business matters without involving law enforcement agencies. If you have a non-standard problem and you cannot find it in our service list, please contact us – a private detective never refuses to deal with the most difficult situations. Anyone who applies for help, can count on our cooperation and positive result.